Hey, Hard Money Lender, Lend a little Money to Me


To understand whether or not a buyer should engage in a hard money loan, it is beneficial to look at other sources of funding other than from a bank. So what if you want to do a fix-and-flip? What if you’re afraid of prepayment penalties? What if you have a poor credit score? Something to consider is hard money loans from a private lender. Hard money loans are backed by the value of the property and not by the credit of the borrower. The LTV matters much more to hard money lenders (to learn more about LTVs look at our blog about loan to value ratios). Thus, if a borrower has a poor credit score but has a property with a lot of potential and equity, a great option is a hard money loan.


Hard money lending allows for the borrower to pay off the loan at any time without the fear of prepayment penalties. The loan can be used to rehab the property in addition to purchasing it.


Hard money can also be the easiest method for a fast loan for a first flip. Refresh funding offers a twelve-month plan that gives the buyer some security if things don’t go perfectly, rarely they do.  Hard money lenders charge with points where one point equals 1% of the total loan. Interest by refresh funding starts at 9.99%.


Next time when the bank doesn’t fulfill your requirements look to private hard money lenders that offer an innovative new way of lending for a buyer. If you need a fast loan, Refresh Funding can provide Florida-based loans for individuals seeking rehab loans for fix-and-flips. We like to think of ourselves as your choice for Private Mortgage Funding & Lending.

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