How to have a Successful Fix and Flip


Partnering with Refresh Funding, in August 2015, a homeowner bought a Homestead property for $86,100. It took 150 days, with only $1,525 in closing costs for a total acquisition cost of $87,625 and investing $17,094 in rehabilitation cost. The investor paid 12% to borrow for 150 days for a total debt service cost of $114,737. With Refresh Funding supplying a $60,270 hard money loan, the investor was able to sell the property at $142,880 and acquire a $28,143 profit, creating a 24.53% return on investment!
If you need a fast loan, Refresh Funding can provide Florida-based loans for individuals seeking Rehab loans for Fix and Flips. Refresh offers fix and flip rates starting at 9.99% for a 12-month term or rental loan rates starting at 7.99% for 36-month terms. We like to think of ourseveses as your choice for Private Mortgage Funding & Lending. It is Refreshing to know that the bank is not your only solution– Refresh Funding.

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